I’m Patricia Orozco. After 15 years working in a multinational company, I decided to make a 180 degree change in my life. That job no longer represented me or my values.

I started a journey to search for my personal and professional development. Shortly afterwards I decided to create my own business following what I have always been passionate about: PEOPLE AND LANGUAGES. This is how THE SPANISH ATTITUDE was founded; a project thanks to which I am much happier and that also allows me to bring happiness to other people’s lives. What is my formula? My background as a translator and language teacher + my own experience over the years as a language student + lots of passion for teaching

Over the years I have helped people from all over the world to finally achieve their goal of learning Spanish. The key is to listen and understand each person’s needs. And then create practical, fun classes that really solve their problems.

I invite you to check out everything you can achieve with my support. I’m here to develop your skills and make your Spanish stand out. Don’t wait any longer and go after the things that make you happy.